Stormwater Facilities Maintenance

HILAND CONSTRUCTION SERVICES will provide the knowledge, manpower and equipment necessary to maintain

Above Ground Systems including:

  • Detention  and Retention Ponds
  • Bioretention and Rain Gardens
  • Permeable Paving
  • Dry Swales
  • Infiltration Practices
  • Rip-Rap

Below Ground Systems including:

  • Culverts
  • Inlets
  • Storm and Diversion Manholes
  • Detention Vaults
  • Stormtrap Systems
  • Piped Underground Detention/Retention Systems

Manufactured Stormwater Treatment Devices

  • Oil & Water Separators
  • Water Quality Units:  Aqua-Filter, Aqua-Swirl, CDS, Hydro-International, Jellyfish, Kraken, Stormceptor, StormFilter, Vortechs
Trapped stormwater in non-functioning Type B Sump Inlet.
After water has been drawn down, excessive accumulation of silts becomes visible.

With silts removed, Inlet can resume effective performance.

Stormwater Maintenance